Take a Trip Through Time with the Crazy 80s Slot

game data

  • Name:Crazy 80s
  • Progressive:NO
  • Reels:5
  • Jackpot:$5000
  • Paylines:9
  • Min. Bet:$0.25
  • 3D Games:
  • Max. Bet:$45

The 1980s were certainly a crazy time for those of us who are old enough to remember them, and the Crazy 80s slot from Microgaming has done an excellent job at capturing the decade. I really enjoyed the theme that is complete with miniskirts, tube tops, leg warmers, charm bracelets, Rubix cubes and mix tapes which were all iconic of the time. Because I think that Canadians will really enjoy everything it has to offer, there is a free demo hosted here on this page with no download required.

The 80s were one of my favorite eras, so I decided to spend about half an hour playing this title in order to get a feel for it. While the graphics were exciting and fun, there aren't any multipliers or free spin rounds available and this was a bit disheartening. Fortunately, though, wins came relatively easy and I was able to hit a few big wins. Of course, the $25,000 cash jackpot eluded me.