Free Slots: Cash n Curry Play Now!

game data

  • Name:Cash n Curry
  • Progressive:NO
  • Reels:3
  • Jackpot:$500
  • Paylines:1
  • Min. Bet:$0.1
  • 3D Games:
  • Max. Bet:$10

I recently decided to try out a new Microgaming slot. There are plenty of free slots from which to choose and I found the Cash n Curry slot to be intriguing. The game presents players with a fun bar theme. Personally, I enjoy slot machines that have fun bonus rounds and Cash n Curry does not disappoint. This game offers more than 10 side rounds that are triggered throughout play.

The bonus is triggered when you collect 3 curry icons. When this happens, and it did for me about 30 spins in, the waiter will shout "I think you are on fire" and then another screen will open up in the game where you will play the side rounds. You will choose from several features. During these rounds, it is important to remember that draining or spilling your coolant will result in the bonus round coming to an end. I really found this to be a whimsical game and after about an hour, I had won $50!