Satisfy Your Craving for a Thrilling Gambling Experience

game data

  • Name:Belissimo!
  • Progressive:NO
  • Reels:3
  • Jackpot:$5000
  • Paylines:5
  • Min. Bet:$0.25
  • 3D Games:
  • Max. Bet:$25

The Bellisimo slot, another exciting offering from Microgaming, is a slot machine with a pizza-based theme that left me hungry for not only a jackpot, but also for a slice of Chicago-style pepperoni! Canadians across the country will find themselves caught up in the excitement in just a matter of minutes. If you love simple video slots and pizza, then I'm sure you will find this slot to be everything you could ask for. Gameplay is simple and the sights and sounds lend much to the real casino experience.

I chose to play Bellisimo as one of several free slots, and it is a three-reel, five-line machine that presented plenty of ways for me to win. I bet the maximum amount possible per line when I played, which is a total of one coin for each of the five paylines, or $5 per spin. After two hours, I found that I was able to end my session with a bit more than what I originally started with. The highest jackpot was 5,000 coins and although I did not hit this jackpot during my play session, I noted that the maximum bet is a requirement to win.