Taking it Easy Playing 5-Reel Drive

game data

  • Name:5 Reel Drive
  • Progressive:NO
  • Reels:5
  • Jackpot:$10000
  • Paylines:9
  • Min. Bet:$0.01
  • 3D Games:
  • Max. Bet:$5

The 5-Reel Drive slot from Microgaming is one that all Canadian racing enthusiasts will relate to. Not only are there plenty of checkered flags, cars and other items related to motoring, but there are also food items that are common to drive-in restaurants like burgers, fries and soda. I really loved the theme that was presented here and this has been one of my favorite games for a long, long time.

My last 5-Reel Drive experience left me ahead of the house by about $20 in the end and, although it isn't much, the game is so much fun that it doesn't matter. There aren't any bonus features associated with the game, but small payouts come often enough to keep things exciting. If you decide to try for the 10,000 coin jackpot or play any of our other free slots, make sure to rate the game, leave us a comment and like us on Facebook so that your friends can try it out, too.